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Why choose us?


Make sure the design solves real problem


Adopt cutting-edge, future-proof tech. stack which complies with next Web standards


Adopt user-centered design to let us human beings use comfortably


We always believe that good App does NOT need a manual


Focus on pixel details, concern milliseconds’ level response speed

User First

The only unchanged thing in software is changing. Therefore we love to listen to direct requirements from users and our clients, and adapt our system with fast changes.

Empower Others

We devote our design and tech expertise into products, to empower others and their brands. Consequently, we hope grow with our community.

Be Authentic

The best companies are built on the foundation of strong, authentic communication. We don’t buy fans, we don’t spam our message. We teach, we share, we listen.  We believe reputation come from continuous good products.

Build with Empathy

We care about the person on the other side of everything we create. We take the time to understand who they are, and how they might see the world. It enables us to make better products that solve real problems, for more people.

We choose ionic (based on angular and cordova, written in Typescript) as Uncia App development framework, with following major advantages:

  • Write Once, Run Anywhere, incl. iOS/Android/Windows/Web
  • Good native experience in term of speed and native components
  • Support PWA (Progressive Web Application) naturally
  • Completely compatible with existing javascript libraries
  • Loosely coupled on both front-end app and back-end services
  • Maitainable codes for enterprise App via MVC design patterns and Typescipt
  • The framework supports App cloud deployment and hot-push

We also explain detailed reasons of adopting ionic framework in our published book (in Chinese), “From Idea to App — Develop Hybrid App with Ionic”.

More than App ..

Web Components are supported/supporting by major browser providers (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox; IE11 is planning),native web applicaitons (applications which adopt native web components) are emerging. ionic 4 is based on stenciljs which fully supports native web application.

Purely based on web components brings one big advantage: works with any framework. Ionic 4 can seamlessly integrate with react, angular, Vue, Ember, more on here.

Not all users will install your App and use frequently. Quite some users like “use and leave” experience. The success of wechat mini program also prove this trend. A significant advantage of ionic is, it supports PWA and PWA naturally supports “use and leave” concept. Furthermore, PWA also supports Camera/LBS/Offline Storage/Push Notifications, and even VR and AR。

ionic 2/3 supports package app as desktop application via electron, ionic 4 also supports this feature.

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